Landscape Construction 

    A successful landscape is the creative culmination of thoughtful design and precise implementation.  The completion of a built work is a single step in any timeless landscape that begins as a concept and is continually growing.  Enjoying the rewards of a completed work are not possible without a thorough understanding of the design process throughout construction and the desired evolution of the landscape after completion.   

    Every successful landscape begins with a vision and desire to transform the world which surrounds us.  Our own success is defined by being a valued member of the team that achieves this vision, implementing the most creative design with skilled workmanship and nurturing it from installation through maturity. 

    Mastering the craft of constructing any built work requires the combination of outstanding field presence and impeccable management.  Our own craftsmen utilize select materials and work beside the industry’s most talented trades to construct every landscape.  The ability to coordinate and complete all aspects of site work, masonry and landscape creates beautiful spaces cherished by our clients.  

    The work we build is a result of our passion for the field and appreciation of the craft.  The relationships we create are a product of this passion and represent our finest achievement.


Horticultural Services


   A garden is a living element, designed with the intent of growing and evolving.  Understanding these intentions is integral to the successful establishment and development of every landscape.  

    The completion of a built work represents a significant point of transition in the life of a landscape.  While construction is often deadline based and disruptive, there is a need for maintenance to be a soft presence, not affecting the daily lifestyles of our clients and their surroundings without sacrificing the communication that is key to all relationships. 

    Meticulous attention to detail, knowledge of each garden’s intricacies and the resources to solve each landscapes’ challenges produce unprecedented horticultural and client services on every property.  


    Michael Coffin is an engaging young landscape professional who has developed a reputation for tremendous quality and outstanding client relationships throughout his early career.  Mike’s love of the field stems from many younger years spent maintaining gardens and mowing lawns in central Massachusetts.  With age, his passion grew towards the built work, gaining great interest in one of the world’s most appreciated crafts: the combination of earth, plants and structure to create beautiful landscapes.  Much like the years of craftsmen before him, Mike is inspired to create long lasting landscapes utilizing modern techniques to build the finest details of tomorrow.  

    Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he graduated the recipient of the annual faculty award for distinguishing himself among his peers.  His early professional career began as a project manager for the highly regarded landscape construction company, where he was entrusted with roles of project estimating and business development while managing day to day operation of the company’s largest projects in construction.  

    A tireless work ethic and continually growing passion for the field lead to the formation of Michael S. Coffin Landscape Construction in January of 2014.  The company currently employs thirty two full time employees and constructs work throughout Eastern Massachusetts.